Welcome to SigLinker

SigLinker, focus on the challenges and pressures of the
customers, provide competitive IOT products and solutions,
continue to create maximum value for customers.

SigLinker is an IOT solution provider based in Shanghai, China. We are:
As SigfoxIoT technology integrator and provide solution based on Sigfox technology.
Committed to develop solutions with Sigfox devices and to join the Sigfox ecosystem.
As a systems integrator and serving traditional device companies to design IoT products
      for the global Sigfox market.
Based on complete industrial chain and manufacturing capabilities in China.

The main products and solutions are including:
Smart Home devices, such as PIR motion detector, Magnetic Contact, Water Leak
      Detector, Temperature & HumitureDetector,etc
Trackers of Geographic Location, such as Tracker for Screw Lock, Tracker for kids and
      pets, etc
Sigfox connectivity
Customized software and APP